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the HEAd, the Heart & the Hand




Being logical.  How we think is important to us.  What are our goals and values, and how will our ideas affect them?

How do we share our ideas and knowledge? How will it benefit everyone? What people, skills and abilities do we have in our community? What other resources?

How do we communicate what we have done?

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It’s about what excites us – we begin with this.

It’s also about what gets us passionate. How do we start to have fun? What ideas would we die for? What are we prepared to put into our idea?

Jangling Space is somewhere that places importance on belonging.  



The hands are about practicality and action.  How can we all contribute physically to what we make at Jangling Space?

We don’t just stop at ideas.  We create demonstrable evidence of how good our ideas are, and how we are people of action as well as 'ideas people'.

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