October 2019

We recently devised a trail of the SouthSide’s hidden glass, called ‘Glass Stories’. This project, funded by Glasgow City Heritage Trust, sought to bring some of the stained glass to life by digging into the stories behind the pieces - or behind the places they were situated within.

There were three guided walks at the beginning of October, which were complete sell-outs, and produced a beautiful pocket-sized booklet to accompany the project.

Although there is clearly demand for these Walks, alas we do not have the time to carry them out on a regular basis right now. So, we encourage you to get out there yourselves - it is a lovely walk that takes about three hours (give or take).

The booklet is available all over the SouthSide, grab them whilst you can (they are limited editions, like our own panels!). But a copy is here, which you are welcome to download for free.

April 2019

We are very pleased to welcome Penny Sharp as our new Open Workshop Coordinator.  Penny will be running the show from now on in the Open Workshop – same times, same place – Fri/Sat/Sun 1-4 and Mon 5-8 in Shawlands Arcade.  What are we going to be making now?  Well, we will come to that.   

The Queens Café panel has been a total hit, we ended up making around 60 of these – all sold.  This was more than the 50 that we said, purely because our members loved making them!  A combination of the appeal of the old ice cream shop (and the memories and affiliations people had with it) alongside the really good design of the panel made this a successful product.  We are now calling a members meeting in order to discuss our next product. 

Members are asked to attend  – purely if you want and/or are able to – the following get-togethers: 

Friday 12th April from 4.15pm – initial ideas on specific focus of piece.  A local, place-based theme is important.  Connected to a person, a place etc.  Please bring ideas in with you, to share and discuss.

Monday 15th April from 3.30pm – play about with any ideas, refining design. 

Friday 19th April from 4.15pm – finalisation of design.

Then, we will have a week in the workshop making two or three prototypes, with the beginning of the making of the next product to be on Friday 26th April.

If you cannot attend – but have some amazing ideas that must be shared – please do send them in via email (or post them through the door!).  These need to be into us by 12th April.

March 2019

Our recruiting is underway for an Open Workshop Coordinator. We were overwhelmed with the response and quality of applications received. The successful candidate will take responsibility for our Open Workshop - where anyone can come in and learn traditional skills for FREE. We all make the same products in this learning, working together to make things of beauty.